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From Sinopec Group Company Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing seminar project needs and June 23 to 24, held the learned, according to the State Council, "the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan" to the order, the company will increase investment and improve its oil engineering equipment development level, to build upstream petroleum engineering Iron longboard and provide technical support and equipment. Petroleum engineering equipment manufacturing to maintain and develop the existing manufacturing advantages, accelerate the development of a number of equipment and supporting software system with independent intellectual property rights, improve existing production equipment reliability and stability.
Petroleum engineering equipment is petroleum engineering technical progress of the carrier, is the company to build the Iron petroleum engineering, build upstream long board, break resources "bottleneck" of the key factors. Over the years, Jianghan Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing adhere to the characteristics of development, has become China's major oil equipment manufacturing base. Shengli Oilfield with logging equipment, logging equipment, downhole tools, Petroleum Technology Research Institute of Engineering Measurement While Drilling equipment, drilling and development of part of the Zhongyuan Oilfield downhole tools, already has a good base and good prospects for development.
As the market changes in demand and market competition, the company petroleum engineering equipment manufacturing industry is facing serious challenges, petroleum engineering equipment manufacturing overall strength is relatively weak. In the face of a growing number of technical problems, more and more areas, increasing pressure today, the company for the development of petroleum engineering technology, R & D and manufacturing of petroleum engineering equipment put forward new and higher requirements.