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Xinhua Jinan, October 30 (Reporter Lv Fuming) Shandong Provincial Bureau announced on the 30th, the province's geological staff in Bazhou play at high-yield, high-temperature geothermal wells, the water 3360 m3 / day, wellhead temperature 104 ℃, the water temperature in North China is currently the highest geothermal wells.
     According to reports, geothermal wells located in Bazhou Nanmeng town, 80 kilometers away from Beijing, 70 kilometers away from Tianjin. Located Niutuo contact bumps and depressions Pa county to bring in the geological structure, thermal storage strata Mesoproterozoic Jixian Wumishan dolomite. By Bazhou Wanquan geothermal company commissioned, Shandong Province Lubei Geological Engineering Investigation Institute took 140 days to complete the drilling, drilling depth of 3440 m.
     China Energy Research Society geothermal committee vice chairman, said Xu Junxiang, this well reveal the North China platform (ie plate in the stable block) in bedrock depressions bottom geothermal heat reservoir temperature is high, a large amount of water, the development prospects of the ring Beijing and Tianjin Bohai Sea region, particularly the development of new energy sources is important.
     Bazhou abundant geothermal resources, has proven geothermal area of 500 square kilometers, water reserves of 22 billion cubic meters. After the development of geothermal wells which can heat 150,000 square meters for each unit and residents Bazhou area, and can be widely used in industrial, medical bathing, tourism and leisure, and other types of farming.